Book Review: Mother Mary, A Marian Catechism

mother-mary20223lgDo you struggle with teaching your children about Mary’s role in our lives?

I do and I never realized it.

I have a deep devotion to Our Lady and she comes up often at our house. My children know that she’s very much their mom and that they’ll be eating ice cream with her in heaven some day, God willing, when Jesus calls them home. I sort of thought we had Mary “down.”

Then I had the pleasure of reviewing Mother Mary…God’s Gift to You: A Marian Catechism for Children of All Ages, Vol. 1*, and I discovered just how much more we had to learn together.

Used in conjunction with The Parable of Willy Wheat (can be found here), the Mother Mary catechism guides children through the basics of our faith: the life of Christ within us, the importance of prayer and Mary’s role in assisting us in it, placing ourselves in the heart of Mary who can make us more Christ-like, and giving everything to Jesus through Mary.

The bright, cheerful illustrations are meant to deliver the main lessons, and they certainly did the job. My children quickly crowded around to get the best view of the pages, which effortlessly conveyed ideas that I’d forgotten I’d fumbled before on my own. A picture of Mary sitting with a little child on her lap as they both held rosaries and imagined the same mystery efficiently conveyed to my children what I often muddled through when I’d try to tell them how Mary helps us meditate on the mysteries. A picture of Mary kneeling behind praying children with her hands on their shoulders as they all faced a crucifix was an easy way to show my three-year-old how Our Lady helps us pray.

It’s a favorite now. I keep the book by our rosaries and the children often ask to read it by their own volition. Mother Mary has been a terrific tool to help teach our children about their Blessed Mother in a fun and effortless way.

*I received a copy of Mother Mary…God’s Gift To You from Aquinas and More in exchange for an honest review!



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