Dolls from Heaven

St. Therese doll by Dolls from Heaven.
St. Therese doll by Dolls from Heaven.

Have you heard of Dolls from Heaven? I was just introduced to them this week. Dreamed up by the Kiczek family, their goal is to produce beautiful, high-quality 18” dolls of children’s favorite saints.

The Therese doll is their first design which they hope to have out by Christmas. Dressed in her Carmelite habit, the Therese doll beautifully captures St. Therese’s sweet face and is sure to be a treasured friend at home. Like other 18” dolls, she comes with her own book, I am Therese, which is based on Story of a Soul. She also comes with an optional Sunday dress and accessories.

The Kiczeks want to inspire children, who are great imitators, with those most worthy of imitating: the saints! Help them in their mission to spread devotion to these great saints through lovable dolls by visiting their site, Dolls from Heaven. You can pre-order a doll or even just make a small donation to their young company.

I was so excited to hear about these dolls. What a beautiful idea! Sometimes the messages behind the personal stories of other dolls like this can be a bit off, but obviously there’s no need to finesse the message with these. So check out the Kizceks’ site today, keep their efforts in your prayers, and consider giving one of these dolls to a special child for Christmas.

“I will spend my heaven doing good on earth.” –St. Therese


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